perltobin - turn your perl script into a binary executable


perltobin - turn your perl script into a binary executable



Do you have a perl script you'd like to distribute in executable form?

Then PerlBin is for you, whatever your OS may be, as long as there is a perl port for it (you can run perl on it).



    PerlBin [-?] [-o outdir] [-a mod]




help! help! help! to see more help, try --man.

[-a mod]

Add a module to be scanned (must be in @INC). You can specify multiple by doing -a foo -a bar -a gahZbo.

-o outdir

A directory where to place all the stuff. Defaults to Script_perlbined.



None I can see. Beware of -s __FILE__ cause it will return the filesize of the exe, not your source.

The global $PerlBin::skipTo holds the size of the binary before your script was appended, and you can use it as an offset.

pod2usage/perldoc don't like binary files for some reason.

See sub pod2usage in here for a workaround.



All of the software listed here is really useful, so check it out, before you ask ``why doesn't perlbin do x?'' ;D


Since neither perlbin, nor PAR, nor App::Packer even attempt to obscure the source code Autrijus Tang developed this one for use with PAR and others like it.


Kinda like perlbin (same idea), except uses lots and lots of perl magic and requires perl 5.6.


Kinda like perlbin (same idea), except packs ALL the file into this one, uses lots and lots of perl magic, and requires perl 5.6.


Change the nature of your win32 perlbin generated executable. By default all are console executables (dos window).

I distribute this one with perlbin.


Nullsoft (SuperPiMP|Scriptable) Install System

Win32 only. For other os's you can use RPM ;) or family, and there ain't never nothing wrong with a neat-o tarball ;D

UPX - you can pack individual .dll/.so's with this to save space (smaller sizes).


Gets rid of pod in modules, cause you don't need it.

Works pretty well but please use at your own risk.

And while i'm talking about pod, Holy Getopt::Long, Pod::Usage Man! (;) cause you gotta have documentation.

Programmer's Tools

Lots of neat-o utilities and interesting reading here.



Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by the team.

Original code by Graciliano M. P.

Original idea not so original ;)

This here program and all enclosed *schtuff* is distributed under the same terms as perl itself. See for more info on that.


 perltobin - turn your perl script into a binary executable